Instructions to Apply, Fee, Recharge Online for SBI Bank FASTag

This was implemented especially to decrease traffic at toll plazas across the country and move to a cashless toll payment system. FASTag enable commuters to pay the toll fee without having to stop and pay with money.

To make it much easier for the common man to apply to get a FASTag, the government of India has certified 22 banks to provide FASTags throughout the nation. One among them is the State Bank of India (SBI) that is entrusted to market and deal with the FASTag account of customers. Read ahead to Learn about the SBI Bank FASTag and its particular attributes.

SBI FASTag Online Application Procedure:

Bank-specific FASTags are offered in the various bank’s selected divisions, toll plazas and at several service centres. You could even become FASTags online. To find the SBI FASTag on line, one wants to start a FASTag account with the lender. Read beforehand to Understand the SBI FASTag online application procedure:

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Measures to Apply FASTag Through SBI Bank:

Note: The hyperlink to the official SBI FASTag website may not work in certain browsers. In the event you’re not able to open the connection, open it via the most recent Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge browser.

In accordance with the official SBI FASTag website for FASTags, then you can go to any of the SBI’s Point of Sale (POS) counters setup from the lender at toll plazas to start your SBI FASTag account. Listed below are some steps:

  • Step 1: Visit some of those POS places together with your KYC and vehicle documents along with the original documents. You are required to take your vehicle when obtaining the FASTag. Here’s the list of POS/Agent Locations of the SBI in where you can apply for a FASTag. Alternatively, you may telephone their customer care number 1800 11 0018, and they’d be able to direct you to the closest POS place.
  • Step 2: Fill the application to create your SBI FASTag accounts and submit it along with the supporting documents. The agent in the POS location will affix the FASTag onto your vehicle’s windscreen. Log in with all these particulars at official SBI FASTag site to manage your account.

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Get FASTag from SBI Bank through POS or Offline:

You are able to get an SBI FASTag through the Point of Sale (POS) counters in designated toll plazas or nearby areas. You could also walk into some one of SBI’s branches to acquire the FASTag. You will need to carry supporting documents which includes your KYC files as well as your vehicle documents. Also, you will need to take your car into the POS to find the FASTag. A representative will help affix the SBI FASTag in your car. To recharge the FASTag account, you may go to the POS and cover by cash to reload the account.

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SBI FASTag prices and Fees:

Below are the details of the charges and charges associated with the SBI FASTags:

  • Issuance Fees of this FASTag: SBI prices Rs.100 as issuance fee for all types of vehicles. This includes all related taxes.
  • Other Charges: When you apply to an SBI FASTag, a minimum-security sum is billed by the lender which differs for a variety of sorts of vehicles. That is refundable after closing the SBI FASTag accounts.

Documents Required for SBI FASTags:

The SBI FASTag is linked to a prepaid or a savings account, therefore, Know Your Client (KYC) files are needed while applying to your FASTag throughout the bank. Together with the KYC documents, you’re required to submit your automobile Registration Certificate (RC) along with the application type. You can start up the SBI FASTag account via the next two categories:

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SBI FASTag Online Recharge:

To recharge your SBI FASTag prepaid account, follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: See the official SBI FASTag website.
  • Step 3: About the webpage, pick the’Tag Recharge’ choice at the top of the webpage.
  • Step 4: On the page that is redirected, input the amount for recharge and then click ‘Pay Now’.
  • Step 5: Choose the payment procedure and a pop-up will start with the breakup of their charges, click on’Pay Now’ after assessing all of the particulars.
  • Step 6: Once the recharge is finished, an SMS notification will be sent to your registered phone with the details of the recharge.

Methods to Reduce Your SBI FASTag On The Web:

Below are the Various Ways you can recharge the SBI FASTag prepaid accounts:

  • Netbanking: it is possible to log in to the SBI’s FASTag portal site and use the net banking facility to recharge the accounts.
  • Debit/Credit Card You can also use your debit card or credit card to recharge on the SBI FASTag accounts.
  • UPI Apps Much like Bhim, Paytm, Google Pay: With banks that offer a digital style of payments, you can recharge the FASTag accounts through several UPI programs.

It is possible to approach any of those Point-of-Sale (POS) place of the bank or you could recharge it via online services like customer portal, web banking, etc..

How to surrender the SBI FASTag?

You want to provide a written petition to concede / cancel/close the SBI FASTag along with the present tag. In case of passing of the account holder, lawful heirs of their client can raise a claim for the refund of the tag amount by producing the death certificate along with other required documents. If the SBI FASTag is damaged, then you need to cancel the label and a new label will be issued after charging the required fee.

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